Specialty Vehicle Restoration

Welcome to OC Hot Rods specialty vehicles. This section is unique because these builds are of the odd request by customers. After talking to customers with these types of builds, we can make it happen.

From Ice Cream trucks, Margarita truck to a mini school bus, it’s all about the end result. With our visions, quality, and along with #1 customer care, we bring your vision to life.

  • From visions to reality, fabricating is our specialty to make it happen
  • New drive train conversions to make driving a pleasure and reliability
  • Fabrication, machining to welding
  • Safety conversions from brakes, steering, suspension, and wiring
  • A/C conversions to update
  • Many sources to help out the specialty world of these vehicles to make a complete driver at the end.

With our experience in this specialty vision, we care about your end result. The communication between builder and customer is our main priority in such a build, so we all can remain on the same thoughts and vision.

More time in building these specialty vehicles is common because of the fabrication, machining, and other miscellaneous things needed because the availability of replacement parts are not available, so making such parts will require more time with (R & D) Research and development takes time to get many items correct.

“The end results of any specialty vehicle brings smiles to many”

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