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What is a Tri-Five?

The term "tri-five" refers to a specific era in automotive history, specifically the Chevrolet models produced between 1955 and 1957. These iconic vehicles, which include the Chevrolet Bel Air, 150, and 210, are often celebrated for their timeless design, performance capabilities, and cultural significance. Tri-fives are characterized by their distinct styling elements, such as the bold chrome accents, sweeping body lines, and iconic tail fins that defined the era. With innovative features like the introduction of the small-block V8 engine, these cars marked a significant shift in the automotive landscape and became highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts alike. Today, the tri-five Chevys remain revered as symbols of American automotive design and serve as a reminder of the golden era of classic cars.

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From an early age, my fascination with wheels led me to immerse myself in building car models, hotwheels, skateboards, and bicycles. I would eagerly customize and paint bicycles, using spare parts to create unique designs. During my high school years, I enrolled in any available shop class, honing my skills in metal fabrication, machining, and welding. It was during my sophomore and junior years that I undertook my most ambitious project, constructing a 1 Seater Buggy equipped with a powerful 618cc, 2-Stroke Twin Cylinder Engine and featuring fully independent front and rear suspension. This creation was truly ahead of its time in the early 1980s.


My passion for customization continued when I acquired my first car, a 1955 Chevy 210, Two Door Sedan. Even before the rise of billet wheels, I took to milling out a billet dash panel and stereo panel for my beloved Chevy. In 1986, I embarked on a 15-year journey at Danchuk Manufacturing, where I immersed myself in the world of automotive craftsmanship.

After leaving Danchuk Manufacturing, my career path led me to design, fabricate, and weld concept cars, armored vehicles, and trucks. This unique experience eventually took me to Afghanistan and Jordan, where I dedicated four years to maintaining specialized armored vehicles for the Special Forces.

Throughout my journey, my passion for classic cars remained constant, continuously fueling my drive to build and restore these automotive treasures. At Orange County Hotrods, we share an unwavering dedication to caring for classic cars and trucks, ensuring that every vehicle receives the utmost attention and craftsmanship. Trust us to keep your beloved classic car or truck in pristine condition, as we understand and embrace the timeless allure of these automotive masterpieces.

Working with my son at Orange County Hotrods is a true joy and privilege. Our shared passion for classic cars and the art of restoration brings us together in a unique way. Collaborating side by side, we combine our skills, knowledge, and love for the craft to create exceptional results. It's an incredible feeling to witness my son's growth and talent in this field. We not only work as a team but also strengthen our family bonds through our shared pursuit. At Orange County Hotrods, we take immense pride in providing top-notch service, ensuring that every project receives the care it deserves.

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