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Our FAQ page is designed to provide clear and concise responses to a wide range of inquiries. If you cannot find the answers you're looking for, our customer support team is readily available to assist you further.

Does OCH provide estimates? 

Providing accurate estimates for projects is a daunting challenge, primarily because of the unpredictable nature of unseen issues. No matter how meticulously a project is planned, there are countless variables and unforeseen circumstances that can emerge during its execution. These unseen issues could range from unexpected technical complications and supply chain disruptions to sudden changes in regulations or unforeseen environmental factors. Each of these elements can significantly impact the project timeline and budget, making it nearly impossible to provide precise estimates. Project managers and teams can analyze historical data, conduct risk assessments, and use various planning techniques to mitigate potential problems, but the inherent uncertainty of these unforeseen issues remains a constant hurdle. Consequently, it is crucial for customers to understand this complexity and remain flexible, allowing for adaptations and adjustments as the project unfolds.

Image by Mark Duffel

Do you have a waitlist?

At present, we do not offer a waitlist service. Our team is actively developing a comprehensive waitlist policy, which will be made available upon its finalization.

Image by Stephanie Valencia

What type of cars do we work on?

Orange County Hotrods is dedicated to restoring and upgrading tri-fives to perfection. Our expertise lies in the meticulous restoration of tri-fives and other classic Chevys, bringing them back to their original splendor. In addition to preserving their authenticity, we also specialize in comprehensive upgrades, enhancing their performance, engine efficiency, and overall driving experience. Our skilled craftsmen ensure that each vehicle receives the utmost care and attention to detail, making Orange County Hotrods the go-to destination for enthusiasts seeking expert restoration and modernization of tri-fives.

Image by Taylor Mortin
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